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Spatial Conservation Planning for Nature and People

The Marxan Planning Platform (MaPP) supports collaboration and decision-making for biodiversity conservation and socio-economic objectives for land, freshwater and ocean systems.

Types of planning problems that
Marxan can support:

Designing multifunctional lands and seas.

Designing multifunctional lands and seas.

Freshwater connectivity for rivers, lakes and watersheds.

Freshwater connectivity for rivers, lakes and watersheds.

Conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Natural climate solutions.

Natural climate solutions.

Development by Design for energy and infrastructure.

Development by Design for energy and infrastructure.

Enhancing sustainable livelihoods.

Enhancing sustainable livelihoods.

Marxan software is

free & open-source



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Improve Efficiency

Faster planning due to cloud computing, automatic geo-processing of spatial data and custom workflows.

Analyze and Report

Easily create and explore multiple scenarios, generate gap analyses, compare solutions and download project summaries, maps and figures.

Cloud Storage

Hassle-free storage of planning projects, upload and secure important datasets for private use with your teams and access hosted datasets.

Collaborate and Manage Teams

Sharing a project is easier than ever! Invite collaborators to view, edit, and co-develop projects with your team. Improve transparency in real-time planning meetings, invite stakeholders and assign roles to contributors.

Centralize Planning and Share

Create a central repository for your existing and new Marxan projects, update analyses as new data emerges and adapt as planning priorities change. Share your projects with the growing global Marxan community!

Explore and learn from planning examples around the world

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